Canvas - Library Dashboard (UW-Madison)

Library Dashboard: Canvas Integration

This document provides an overview of the Library Dashboard in Canvas at UW-Madison. The dashboard is a tool that connects students and staff to UW Library resources and services in Canvas.

Library Dashboard

The Library Dashboard is automatically included in the Canvas course navigation menu for credit and non-credit courses. The following resources are included in the library dashboard automatically:

Library Dashboard Image

Image of the library dashboard in Canvas.

Library Dashboard Course Resources

The Library Dashboard can also be customized to include course resources. A message visible only to instructors in the dashboard provides a path for instructors to request course resources. If an instructor requests a library instruction session or course resources they will be integrated into the Library Dashboard automatically. The following course resources can be integrated:

Image of the library dashboard in Canvas with  the following course resources: Reading list, course guide, and librarians.

Library Contact:

For questions about the library dashboard, contact