Carson's Market



(608) 262-1638 -- Office

Hours during the academic year 

Carson Gulley Center
1515 Tripp Circle
Madison, WI 53706

Carson’s Market is a smaller marketplace-style dining option surrounded by AdamsSlichter and Tripp Hall. Its proximity to multiple residence halls and academic buildings makes it the perfect stop for a quick lunch break between classes. It is located in the main-level of Carson Gulley Center, which reopened in fall 2013 after a major renovation. Carson Gulley Center is named after Carson Gulley, who was a head chef in University Housing for 27 years, a local celebrity, and a civil rights pioneer.

Please note: accepted forms of payment at Carson’s Market include Wiscard, Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. To keep cashier lines moving quickly, cash or check are not accepted here. (from website)