UWEBC Speaker Contract and Payment Process

This document will help the UWEBC Events Coordinator understand the steps to the speaker contract and payment process.

Before the Event 


Prepare to Communicate With Speaker

  • UWEBC Practice Directors will enter information on the Speaker Dashboard, a shared Excel spreadsheet. 
  • They will then communicate with the UWEBC Events Coordinator, letting them know the information has been provided. 
  • The Events Coordinator will review and use the provided information to complete these steps:

1. Draft Email Communication

      • Use the provided template to communicate the payment process to the speaker, as it relates to reviewing, signing, and returning the UW Speaker Contract. Along with filling out and submitting a W-9 form. 
      • Update the email template with the information provided by the Practice Director on the Speaker Dashboard. 

2. Prepare UW Speaker Contract 

3. Share W-9 Form 

Communicate With Speaker

Share Reviewed and Signed Contract with Accounting

Receive Countersigned Contract from Accounting

After the Event 

  • The UWEBC Events Coordinator will ask the contracted speaker to send an invoice after the event. The Events Coordinator will cc the Practice Director on this email. 
  • Upon receipt, the invoice will be emailed to InterPro Accounting at accounting@interpro.wisc.edu, so the payment can be processed.