WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Adding Pronouns to Fac/Staff Bios

The following document will walk users through how to add pronouns to faculty/staff bio pages.

Note: This option will display the pronouns only in the biography view (the detailed information about that specific person). It will not currently show in the list view that is populated via the fac/staff page element. We hope to offer a more formal solution for this in the future. You can help us with this, too!


Please follow these steps for each person you'd like to add pronouns for:

  1. Navigate to the fac/staff page in the dashboard


  2. Select the user you'd like to add pronouns for by hovering over their name and selecting the Edit link


  3. Scroll down to the Extra Fields option (just below the Biography text editor box)


  4. Click on the Add Extra Data button. This will bring up a few new fields: Label, Value, and URL.


  5. Add the following: 
    1. In the Label field, type Pronouns
    2. In the Value field, type their desired pronouns (ex: they/them)
    3. You can leave the URL field blank


  6. Publish/Update the fac/staff member page


Help Us Improve This Feature!

We are currently working on options for improving the pronoun experience within the UW Theme. We'd love your feedback on how best to accomplish this! If you have ideas related to the design and function of this feature that you'd like to share, please send an email to help@doit.wisc.edu and note that this is related to the fac/staff page element in WiscWeb.