Troubleshooting Aspen Database errors

How to delete an Aspen database if the program has issues opening

While using Aspen on CAE computers, you may run into an error saying it can't load the database, such as this one:

DB Error

To remedy this, you'll need to delete the database. To do so, log into a CAE computer and open file explorer. Then navigate to the "C:\ProgramData\AspenTech\APED V11.0" folder and run the "DeleteDBInstance.bat" batch file:

Delete Database

A command prompt window should pop up and run some scripts. This window will close on it's own when its finished running. Once this is done, you should be able to launch Aspen again.
You may get a window, similar to the one below, saying the database is being restored. This is normal and means running the batch file worked.

Restore DB
Once it is finished restoring the Database, Aspen should open correctly.