General - Mac - Endpoint Management Baseline

A summary of what is installed and configured on all staff Mac hardware in the GLS.

All users will maintain their admin rights of their mac and be able to perform all admin functions. However, there are a few pieces of software that users will not be able to remove since they will automatically be reinstalled upon removal. Those applications include WorkspaceOne IntelligentHub Agent, BigFix BES Agent, Lansweeper Agent, and GlobalProtect VPN. If you are having issues with any of this software and need them removed for any reason, please reach out to the LTG Help Desk for assistance.

What's installed:

The following settings are configured as Defaults:

Optional Software available via Opt-In:

If you would like this optional software automatically installed and configured on your Mac, please let the LTG Help Desk know and they will add you to the group that receives it.

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