WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Embedding a Twitter Feed

Twitter is listed as an accepted embed function within WordPress, and you can easily display messages from a particular Twitter feed within a text area in your WiscWeb site.

Embedding the Feed

  1. Copy the URL of the Twitter feed.
  2. In the text area that you want the feed to display, Paste the feed URL
    • The link will automatically update to say "Tweets by feed name" and the feed should be present.

    Twitter feed display in text area

  3. Update the page.
Once you have updated your page, check to see if the feed is working correctly.

Using the Twitter Publish option

You can also use Twitter's Publish option to customize the feed more by visiting https://publish.twitter.com/.
  1. Enter the URL that you would like to embed, for example https://twitter.com/uwmadison, and hit Enter.

    Twitter publish URL input

  2. Choose the display options below - Embedded Timeline or Twitter Buttons.

    Twitter publish display options

  3. You can now click the Copy Code button to copy the necessary code, and paste it into the Text tab of your text editor.

    Twitter Publish copy code button

    • Please be aware that the default number of displayed messages is 20.

  4. You can limit the height and width of the feed by clicking on the set customization options link.
  5. Set the Height and/or Width values to limit it, then copy the code and paste it similar to the above instructions.

    Twitter Publish height and width options

    Pasting twitter code into text editor in WordPress

  6. You can also limit the number of tweets shown by adding the attribute data-tweet-limit="#" in the code you copied and pasted in.

    Code needed for limiting number of tweets shown

  7. Be sure to Update your page with any changes you make.


  • Please be aware that there may be some issues with browsers other than Google Chrome.

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