WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Embedding a Qualtrics Survey in a Text Block

The following document will walk you through the steps required to embed a Qualtrics survey in your WiscWeb website.

Accessing Your Qualtrics Survey Link

After building out a survey or form in Qualtrics, you have the opportunity to share the link with others. This same link is what you will use to embed the survey in a WiscWeb page. 

  1. Navigate to Qualtrics
  2. Locate the form you'd like to embed and click on it
  3. At the top of your Qualtrics survey, select Distributions

    Distributions text highlighted in a list of links
  4. On the left menu, select Anonymous Link

    Anonymous link example
  5. Copy the link URL

    Box showing how to copy an anonymous link

Embedding Your Qualtrics Survey in a Page

Once you have your Qualtrics URL, you can use it to embed the survey in a page of your WiscWeb site:

  1. Navigate to WiscWeb
  2. Create or navigate to the page that you would like to add the survey to
  3. Add a Text Block to the page
  4. Paste the survey URL into the Text Block. The link should automatically turn into a survey that is embedded in the block. 
  5. Publish or save your page


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