Requisite Amnesty Project: Instructions for Updating Requisites in Your Department's Course Array

Below are instructions for departments that are engaging in the campus initiative to update requisites in their course array.

Deadline for L&S departments to submit worksheets to L&S: October 1, 2021


Transparent and enforced requisites help ensure our students are prepared to be successful in the courses we offer. For historical reasons, requisites in many courses have become outdated, difficult to understand, or were not enforced. As a result, campus created an initiative to help departments update their requisites. Departments are now able to update all of their requisites at one time via an Excel spreadsheet, and receive expedited L&S and UCC approval.

L&S will provide your department with a spreadsheet of your courses, with draft changes to help you complete this project. The draft changes reflect required administrative changes, including:

If you have not received your department's spreadsheet but would like to get started, please contact Zach McLeod at

Instructions for reviewing your department's Excel spreadsheet

Only edit the "Revised" columns that are highlighted in green or peach:

Do not edit any other columns.

"Revised Requisites" column

To revise a requisite, add the new requisite to the "Revised Requisites" column. 

"Revised Course Description" column

Only a limited type of changes to course descriptions may be made via this process. Other changes must be made via the regular Lumen Course Proposal process. The limited allowable changes:

"Revised Enrollment Field" column

The "Enrollment Info" field is a temporary holding place for unenforced requisite text. This column will be empty when we are done with our work. Only changes to "none" will be included.

Additional changes that can be made via this process:

Courses that are no longer offered: Please let us know if you do not plan to teach a course again, and we will submit a course discontinuation proposal on your behalf. It is not a good use of resources to change a course that will not be taught again.

Cross-Listed Courses

Your department must review the requisites for all courses on the spreadsheet, including all cross-listed courses. Thank you for consulting with your cross-listing partners as you do this work. As a last step in the process, L&S will email all cross-listed partners to ensure they have approved your proposed changes. 

Submit completed spreadsheets

L&S departments submit completed spreadsheets to Zach McLeod ( by October 1, 2021


Contact Zach McLeod ( with questions.