LastPass - Converting to NetID Login

The following steps should be followed when converting from a LastPass Master Password to NetID authentication.

  1. Request the Conversion to NetID Login:
    1. Conversion can be requested using the LastPass Login Conversion Request Web Form.
    2. Submitting will generate a WiscIT ticket for your request.
    3. A LastPass Enterprise admin will prepare your account for conversion.
    4. Once preparation is complete, the LastPass Enterprise admin will sync your account to NetID login.
    5. Please allow up to one hour for sync to complete. Then proceed with the following step:
  2. Login to your LastPass Browser Extension using your existing LastPass Master Password.
  3. Follow the redirect to the LastPass website.
  4. Re-enter your existing LastPass Master Password.
  5. Complete the authentication by completing the MFA (Duo) prompt.
  6. You'll be prompted for a new Master Password. Enter your existing Master Password in the "Old Master Password" field.
  7. A "Preparing New Login" notification should appear.
    1. During this time, LastPass is re-encrypting all of your password. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER.
  8. When the encryption process is completed, you'll receive a message that a new password has been set. This indicates you've successfully sync'd with your NetId.
  9. To complete the conversion, clear your cache and restart your browser session.
    1. Your cache can be cleared through your browser History.
    2. You may also need to uninstall and reinstall the LastPass browser extension.
    3. Be sure to close all open tabs after clearing your cache or reinstalling the browser extension.