NIH STRIDES Program Offerings

NIH Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) Initiative gives discounted access to Public Cloud resources for NIH funded researchers.

If you are an NIH funded researcher, you have the ability to access discounted public cloud resources through the NIH Science and Technology Research Infrastructure for Discovery, Experimentation, and Sustainability (STRIDES) Initiative.     All NIH-funded researchers can access the STRIDES pricing, it is not limited to certain grant types nor do you have to have enrolled at the start of your research or program.

UW-Madison has an agreement in place for the STRIDES Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offering and the Amazon Web Services offering.   STRIDES has announced an agreement with Microsoft Azure, but is still in the process of operationalizing it.    UW-Madison will pursue this agreement as soon as it is available.

STRIDES Provides:
  • Discounts.  The STRIDES program offers deeper discounts on cloud computing to NIH funded researchers   
  • Additional Support.   Access to professional service consultations and technical support from the STRIDES Initiative partners.   This is in addition to support provided by the DoIT Cloud team to all UW accounts. 
  • Training.   Access to training for researchers, data owners, and others to help ensure optimal use of available tools and technologies.
Accounts used in the STRIDES program are under the UW contracts, just under a different price-book and billing account.    (Why Should I Use a UW Madison Public Cloud Account? )

Additionally, the UW public cloud team can help support you in transitioning an existing account into to the STRIDES program, or back out of the program if your work continues on under a different funding arrangement.   No data or configuration will need to be moved or changed as part of this transition.

To get started, fill out the cloud account request & indicate you have NIH funding.   Please select the NIH (STRIDES) option,  to be prompted to provide information about your grant and NIH program officer, which is tracked by NIH to confirm your eligibility for the program.     If you already have an AWS or GCP account, just contact the cloud team with information about your grant, and we can transition your account to the discounted pricing model.

Feel free to contact us with questions or for more information ( Contact the Public Cloud Team (for AWS, Azure & GCP) )

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