UW-Madison Qualtrics - Log-In to Qualtrics Support

This document explains how to log-in to Qualtrics support.

  1. Log-in to your Qualtrics account and click the button with a question mark in the upper right corner.

    Arrow pointing to the "Help" button

  2. There are two different options for support.
    1. To view the Qualtrics support documentation yourself without speaking to a person, click Support Site. This will not require you to log-in.

      Arrow pointing to "Support Site" window in the pop-up window

    2. To speak with Qualtrics dedicated staff, click Contact Support. The following steps will explain how to log-in.

      Arrow pointing to "Contact Support" button in pop-up window

  3. A log-in page will appear once Contact Support is clicked. Click Sign in with SSO.

    Arrow pointing to "Sign in with SSO" button on log-in page

  4. Type the organization ID (which is uwmadison) into the textbox that appears.

    Page asking for organization ID with "uwmadison" typed in the textbox

  5. A page will appear that asks about your support request. Most of the buttons will refer you to a different Qualtrics support document or to the UW-Madison Qualtrics Brand Ambassador. If your problem is not one of the ones listed, and you still want to speak with a Qualtrics employee, click I have a different support request

    Arrow pointing to "I have a different support request" button

  6. Select Survey Platform from the dropdown menu that appears. 

    Dropdown menu that appears with "Select a Product" is clicked on

  7. Click on the contact method you prefer.

    Contact methods including chat, email, and phone displayed with the chat option grayed out