UW-Madison Qualtrics - How to permanently delete a Qualtrics survey you own

When you delete a project in Qualtrics, the survey and data is only “soft deleted”. That means that the survey and data are still recoverable. Only the UW-Madison Qualtrics Brand Administrators can permanently delete a survey.

If you need to permanently delete a survey to comply with a records retention schedule or research data lifecycle, you will need to do the following:

  1. Record the Name and Survey_ID of the survey you want to permanently delete. (Finding Qualtrics IDs shows how to find Survey_IDs)
  2. Submit a Request to Permanently Delete your survey(s).
  3. Delete the Survey Project within your Qualtrics account: Data Deletion Survey Platform. We can only permanently delete surveys that are already in your account’s Trash.

Note: You must be the owner of the survey in order to delete the survey or request that we permanently delete it.

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