UW-Madison Qualtrics - Records Retention

Like any other university document or correspondence, surveys should have a life cycle and follow approved records management guidelines.

For general information about Records Management at UW-Madison see the UW-Madison Records Management website. For information specifically related to maintaining and archiving research data see Policy on Data Stewardship, Access and Retention.

Qualtrics surveys are used in a wide variety of campus activities that go beyond research data collection. For that reason it is difficult to provide a simple guide for how long survey data should be retained. Below we have provided links to some of the retention schedules that reference surveys explicitly or for schedules related to activities that we believe might use surveys in some capacity. Since Qualtrics is frequently used as a convenient form for gathering information, there are likely additional activities that require adherence to a records retention schedule.

University of Wisconsin System: General Records Schedule

University of Wisconsin System & UW-Madison: General Records Schedule Human Resources and Related Records

University of Wisconsin - Madison: Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for Undergraduate and Career Graduate Student Records and other Student Related Records

If you have questions identifying a record schedule for your survey, please reach out to the Records Management office at recmgmt@library.wisc.edu.

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