DoIT Help Desk - Service Changes Request Form

This document links to a request form for Help Desk leadership engagement with service owners and technologists at UW-Madison.


The Help Desk Service Changes team works with Help Desk Operations, technologist groups, and service owners, to review, design, and implement changes to Help Desk tools, processes, and documentation. This is our formal intake process for requests and questions like:

The team includes the Help Desk Assistant Director (Patrick Johnson), the WiscIT team (Will Crickman and Brian Gratrix), the Help Desk Service Coordinator (Wanjiru Pontes), and the Help Desk Knowledge Manager (Dana Gerber-Margie).

Request Form

For requests from these services, please fill out our simple form and we will be in contact within 1 week.

If you prefer, you can also email the team.

Additional Help

This form is not a DoIT Help Desk support portal or request form. For technical assistance and end-user support, please see: Get Help from DoIT.

This form is not to begin engagement with the Service Transition team, who assists with initiating, modifying, and decommissioning support. This includes managing and setting up Help Desk support, SNCC service management, Event Management and Monitoring, and entry into the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). For how to get started on that process, please see: DoIT Service Transition - How to Initiate, Modify or Decommission support for a service.

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