Courses - Mode of Instruction Course Section Descriptors

Definitions of course section descriptors, including details on mode of instruction and synchronicity

This is a summary of the policy related to the Mode of Instruction Course Section Descriptors. Click here to view the official policy in its entirety in the UW-Madison Policy Library.

UW-Madison strategically and systematically deployed four modes of instruction for spring 2021: in-person instruction, hybrid instruction, remote instruction, and online instruction. This document aims to describe these modes of instruction in the context of current university policy, effective with spring 2021 and continuing until modified. In addition, a course section will include a delivery type of synchronous or asynchronous that will be identifiable and searchable as a student enrolls. 

Most broadly, at UW-Madison, instruction in any of the modes of instruction discussed here that 1) adheres to the standard that 1 credit reflects 45 hours of learning activities across the term, and 2) involves regular and substantive interaction between students and the instructor. Note that 1 “hour” here means 50 minutes (per the UW-Madison Policy on the Credit Hour). All modes of instruction discussed here can use a range of pedagogical formats (e.g., blended, active, flipped).

Mode of Instruction Values (where do course section meetings occur)

In-Person Instruction (SIS code: P; CDR code: N)

Hybrid Instruction (SIS code: WC; CDR code: N)

Remote Instruction (SIS code: R CDR Code: T)

Online Instruction (SIS code: WO; CDR code: T)

Synchronous/Asynchronous Section Delivery Types (when do course section meetings occur)