Library Mall Redevelopment Project - Core Advisory Team (CT)

Committee Description

The Library Mall Redevelopment Project looks to integrate this last piece of public civic space into the overall East Campus Mall development. We are looking for an ASM representative and alternate to participate on the Core Advisory Team (CT). This team will meet virtually on a monthly basis (approx. 8 meetings) to help sift and winnow input received from the project stakeholders and prioritize project elements and intent. First meeting is anticipated in January 2021.

Other members on the CT include:

Project goals include:

1. Completion of the East Campus Mall vision connecting Regent Street to Lake Mendota, as well as rehabilitating Library Mall after years of functioning as an active staging area for numerous adjacent projects.

2. Deliver East Campus Mall as a destination within the UW-Madison campus and City of Madison.

3. Increase utilization of program space to meet the needs and desires of today’s campus population.

4. Eliminate the existing challenges as follows:

5. Address Hagenah Fountain (UW #0013):

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