Campus-Wide TA Awards

The UW-Madison Campus-Wide TA Awards recognize the outstanding work of UW-Madison teaching assistants. This document contains information about the award categories, eligibility requirements, nomination materials, and nomination procedures.

The deadline to make 2021-2022 Campus-Wide TA Award nominations is Monday, November 8 (end of business day). To make a nomination, submit a Nomination Form, including a PDF of Supplemental Materials (described below).

Award Categories

There may be up to five recipients in each of the following categories. Winners receive a $1,000 award.

Nomination Process

PDF of Supplemental MaterialsThese materials must be submitted as one PDF compiled in the following order:

  1. Nominee’s transcript (a campus copy is sufficient).
  2. List of teaching assignments at UW-Madison (course name, UW-Madison course number, semester/year).
  3. One* letter of recommendation from a supervising faculty or academic staff member who is familiar with the TA’s qualifications for the award.
    • Letters should focus on the candidate’s qualifications for the teaching award, not their research accomplishments. 
    • *Two letters of recommendation are required for the Capstone Ph.D. Teaching Award, which must address the outstanding quality of the nominee's teaching.
    • *Two letters of recommendation are also required for the Excellence in Community-Based Teaching award. One letter must come from a community partner. 
  4. Summary of student evaluations (one page).
    • Include a summary table of scores and a comparative ranking of the nominee relative to other TAs teaching the same course, when possible.
    • Must include an explanation of the rating system or scale used. Do not include raw data without a thorough explanation of the rating system.
  5. Excerpted student comments (up to two pages).
  6. Nominee personal statement (up to 500 words).
    • Early Excellence in Teaching Award: Identify a significant challenge you overcame or attempted to solve. Admitting to struggles and ongoing development will be seen as a strength, not a weakness in these statements.
    • Exceptional Service Award: Describe your service work and how it contributed to your department, campus, and/or the broader community.
    • Innovation in Teaching Award: Describe your innovative approach to teaching and learning, and explain the significance of your work.
    • Capstone Ph.D. Award: Submit a reflection on your journey in teaching and learning at UW-Madison. This should include your growth, significant moments of insight, and major challenges you have navigated. 
    • The Dorothy Powelson Teaching Assistant Award: Describe your approach to excellent teaching in the Natural Sciences.
    • Excellence in Community-based Learning Teaching Award: Describe your use of a community-based learning approach, including your motivations for using a CBL approach, the outcomes for students and community partners, and lessons learned.


Review Committees