UW-Madison Zoom - Service Account Request


New Zoom Service Account Requests

UPDATE: Effective Oct 26, 2021, service accounts may be approved for a Zoom license if the use case meets one of the following criteria:

  1. Used for video conferencing hardware (e.g., Polycom, Cisco)
  2. Needed for a shared IT support role (e.g., shared account for students supporting Help Desk)

If your use case meets the criteria above, please complete the Zoom Service Account Request form for review.

Handling requests that do not meet the new criteria

Due to having a limited number of Zoom licenses, we can no longer approve a broader range of use cases requesting a Zoom license for a service account. Below is a list of alternative options if you believe your use case requires a service account for Zoom:

  1. Request a workflow consultation for your meetings/webinars.
  2. Request an exception.
    • Note: Exceptions have a low acceptance rate; however, we will still review your request for consideration.

Existing Zoom service accounts

Individuals with an existing service account that was approved before October 26, 2021 may receive a follow-up email notification requesting information about the continued need for the Zoom service account.

Zoom service accounts that are no longer needed will have the Zoom license removed for license recovery purposes. Note, the removal of a Zoom license for a service account does not mean the service account will be deleted. Management of the service account outside of Zoom licensing is independent of our procedure.

Resources for managing Zoom service accounts