UW-Madison Zoom - Getting Started with Service Accounts

Office 365 Service Accounts can be enabled/activated for Zoom. Learn more about Office 365 service accounts.

Important: UW-Madison Zoom tenant only has limited number of licenses which are primarily used for faculty/staff/students - Zoom leadership team reviews/vets all these requests.

Why should I request a service account for Zoom instead of using my own NetID@wisc.edu Zoom account?

There are times when your department will be hosting an event (meeting/webinar) that should be owned/hosted by a shared service account. This will give you the ability to host this event via this service account and grant the ability for others to do the same.

How do I request a service account for Zoom?

Please submit your request using via our Zoom Service Account Request form.

The information you provide will be vetted by Zoom leadership for approval.

How do I access my service account?

After the service account has been activated for Zoom, your NetID account will be associated with the service account.

When logging into any Zoom client, you will presented with an account landing page where you can either select your NetID@wisc.edu account or any associated/linked service account.

How do I manage who can access this service account within Zoom?

As the service account owner, please submit your change request via our Zoom Service Account Request form.