WiscVPN - Installing the Palo Alto GlobalProtect Client (Linux)

This document outlines the instructions to install Palo Alto GlobalProtect Client on Linux.

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NOTE: Linux is not directly supported by the DoIT Help Desk. Unless you are using a service which explicitly supports Linux (NetID Login Service and Office 365), the Help Desk can not provide support for Linux, Unix, or any derivative of those (e.g. Ubuntu, SUSE, FreeBSD, or Solaris). For self help, see Linux Self-Help.

  1. Download the Linux client from this link. The file follows the format PanGPLinux*.tgz.

  2. Extract the package.

    tar -xvf ~/pkgs/PanGPLinux-4.1.5-c8.tgz
  3. Install the extracted .deb file (Note: this step is for Ubuntu and Debian distros): .

    sudo dpkg -i GlobalProtect_deb-


    sudo apt-get install GlobalProtect_deb-
    For Fedora / RedHat install the .rpm file: rpm -i --nodigest --nofiledigest GlobalProtect_rpm- 
  4. The client installs to /opt/paloaltonetworks/globalprotect. Settings and profile information are saved in $HOME/.globalprotect.

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