Webex: How to Use Breakout Rooms in Webex Meetings

This documentation will teach you how to use Breakout Rooms in Webex Meetings.

For quick information, check out Cisco's help doc on Breakout Rooms

How to Enable Breakout Rooms (In Meeting)
  • Select the Breakout tab and choose Enable Breakout Session
  • Once enabled, Enable Breakout Session will appear with a checkmark and the button will appear at the bottom of the menu bar
Enable Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions on menu bar

Note - Only one host or cohost can have the breakout sessions assignment dialog box open at a time

How to Pre-Assign Participants to a Breakout Room and Enable Breakout Sessions (Pre-Meeting)
  • Add all of your attendees you plan to invite to your meeting
Invite attendees
  • Navigate to the Show Advanced Options section of the meeting scheduler
  • Under Show Advanced Options -> Scheduling Options 
  • Check the Enable breakout sessions checkbox and click the Preassign breakout sessions
Preassign breakout sessions
  • Select the number of breakout sessions that you want to create and how you want to assign your participants
Breakout Session Preassignments

  • By default, the breakout rooms are named Breakout session 1, 2, etc..
  • To rename the breakout session, hover over the name, click ... > Rename, then enter a new name
Rename Breakout Session

Created Breakout Sessions

  • When you're finished preassigning participants, click Create, and then finish scheduling the meeting
  • To change the preassignments before the meeting starts, go to Meetings > select the name of the meeting from the meeting list, and click Preassign breakout sessions
Preassign Breakout Rooms after scheduling the meeting

How to Assign Participants to a Breakout Room (In Meeting)

Note - Only one person (host or cohost/s) can manage the breakout session assignment at a time.
  • Choose between Automatically or Manually assign
  • Automatic will show how many participants will be in each session before creating the assignments.  
    • You can manually move participants around after creating the assignments

Automatically Create Breakout Sessions

How to Assign Participants to a Breakout Room (Continued)
  • Manually allows you to choose which participants you want to assign to each room
  • Simply select the user from the left panel and choose the session you want to assign them to
    • You can also exchange participants as well

Manually Assign Participants

Exchange Participants

How to Change Settings to Breakout Rooms
  • Choose the Settings button in the bottom left corner of the window
  • Select the appropriate settings listed for your sessions

Breakout Session Settings

How to View Participants between Main Session vs. Breakout Sessions as Host
  • From the Participant Panel, you will now have two tabs labeled Main Meeting and Breakout Session
    • Main Meeting - People listed here have not yet joined or have been assigned to a Breakout Session
    • Breakout Sessions - Lists all the Breakout Rooms created and who is in them

Breakout Session Room     Main Meeting Room

How to Join a Breakout Room
  • Host 
    • Select the Breakout Sessions tab from the Participant Panel
    • Click Join next to the Breakout Room you would like to join as shown in the above image
    • Once you have joined, it will look like the below image

Host Joining Breakout Room

How to Join a Breakout Room (Continued)
  • Attendee
    • Choose Join Now to enter the room you've been assigned to
      • If you chose Join Later on the prompt, click the blue Join button across from the session you've been assigned to in the Participant Panel

Attendee Join Breakout Room

How to Leave a Breakout Room
  • Click the red door icon in the menu bar and choose Leave Session
  • You can also choose the Breakout tab and choose Leave Session

Leave Breakout Room

How to Send a Broadcast Message
  • Choose the Breakout Tab and choose Broadcast Message
  • Select whether to send to a single session or all session
  • Select whether to send to all participants or only Presenters & Cohosts

Broadcast Message

How to Join an Attendees Session that is Asking for Help
  • When an attendee Asks for Help in a breakout session, a prompt will appear with the users name and which Breakout Room they are in
  • Select the Join Now to instantly join that Breakout Room.
Participant Requesting Help