General - Zoom Settings, Customization, and Basic Usage

This is a KB detailing basic setup and options present in the video-calling application Zoom.

Getting Started

To get started, go to the UW-Madison Zoom page located at You will be prompted to download the Zoom Desktop application to Join or Host a meeting.

Sign In

Zoom allows for sign-in using your NetID. This is routed through the "Sign in with SSO" option. All you need to do is input the web address for the UW-Madison Zoom page written above and your UW email if prompted, [netid], and it will take you to the NetID log in page, where you can log in normally. 

zoom-signin.pngZoom Desktop Sign-In

zoom-sso.pngZoom SSO Sign-In


Accessing Settings 

To change your settings, look for the gear icon in the upper right corner, under the profile picture. 

zoom-mainpage.pngZoom Main Page

Note: The main settings most users need to change are in the desktop settings pages shown above, including changing your webcam, audio input/output, and your virtual background.

Additional Settings For Power Users

For additional detailed settings, under the General tab of Settings, choose the option to "View More Settings." This will link you to a window in your web browser for the Zoom web client. We've listed some important ones that you may want to consider below. 

Meeting Tab

Recordings Tab

To enable recording, either local or cloud recording (or both) has to be enabled. You may want to adjust the recording settings for what is recorded.