Adobe Creative Cloud - Student Subscription FAQ

UW-Madison purchased a limited number of Adobe Creative Cloud and Acrobat licenses for use by students enrolled in courses requiring them.

After instructors tell DoIT that students in their course(s) require Adobe software, students need to click on the Adobe for Students link on the home page of the CSL ( and follow directions to activate their subscription.

Graduating students or students losing access after the semester:

(UPDATED 5/31) Summer 2022 semester access

Summer semester access is now available for registration. Your professor will need to re-enroll your class for summer, which is available for them to do starting on 5/16. If your class has been re-enrolled, you can follow the procedure below to get Adobe access.

Spring 2022 access will be removed on Tuesday June 14th, you have beensent an email if you are scheduled to lose access. If you are in an eligible class and re-enroll, you will regain access.

Frequently Asked Questions

(UPDATED) Q: I was in a class in Spring 2022 that gave me Adobe access. What happens for summer semester?
A: Access from spring will be discontinued on Tuesday June 14th. You will keep access to any previously uploaded cloud items for 90 days after you lose access. Please download them before that 90 days expires or they will be removed by Adobe. If you are graduating, you can migrate your files using the link above. Spring semester class registration is now available once your professor enrolls your class. If you re-enroll, you will have regain access.

Q: I lost access to Adobe after fall semester and I'm in an eligible class. What happened?
A: We removed access from previous semesters. Re-enroll through the directions below and your access will be restored.

Q: I'm in a course that requires CC or Acrobat, and my instructor says they've designated the course as requiring Adobe. How do I get access/stop my apps showing up as trials?.
A: Before you can access your subscription, you'll need to go to the Campus Software Library, click on Adobe for Students, and follow the directions to activate your subscription. You will need to do it for every semester. NOTE: only Summer 2022 access is available right now.

Q: I'm graduating/not enrolled in an eligible class this semester. How can I migrate my files from a UW account to my personal account?
A: Go to to transfer your work to your personal account It is best to do this as soon as possible. If you just a few files, it may be fastest to just download them and open them in your personal account.

Q: Who can get these licenses?
A: Students enrolled in courses requiring CC or Acrobat can get access to the software if their instructors have requested it.

Q: How do I know if my instructors have requested CC or Acrobat subscriptions for students in my class?
A: Ask your instructor, or, if you haven't already done so, you can go to the Campus Software Library, click on the Adobe for Students link, and follow the instructions.

Q: I've filled out and submitted the form linked from the Campus Software Library, how do I actually get the software on my computer?
A: You can follow the instructions in this KB doc to log into your UW account: Adobe Creative Cloud - Logging in with Your UW-Madison Account.

Q: How does my instructor get CC or Acrobat access for the students in their course?
A: Instructors can follow these instructions to submit their courses: Adobe Creative Cloud - How instructors, student supervisors, and faculty can provide student access

Q: I am a graduate student teaching a class. How do I get access for myself?
A: Please see this KB page: Adobe Creative Cloud - How instructors, student supervisors, and faculty can provide student access

Q: I am working a campus job and need Adobe software access as part of that job. How do I get access?
A: Have your supervisor fill out the form at this link: Adobe Creative Cloud - How instructors, student supervisors, and faculty can provide student access

Q: What is Creative Cloud?
A: Adobe Creative Cloud is a set of applications and services that gives subscribers access to a collection of software used for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, along with a set of mobile applications and also some optional cloud services.

Q: How long do these subscriptions last?
A: Fall 2021 subscriptions lasted until 2/8. Spring 2022 subscriptions lasted through 6/14. You have been notified by email if your access is scheduled to be removed from spring semester eligibility.

Q: I had access to Adobe Creative Cloud all summer in 2020, what happened to that?
A: Adobe responded to COVID-19 and the resulting loss of access to computer labs by providing free Creative Cloud access to all students from late March 2020 to late August 2020. They chose not to continue that free access.

Q: I'm not enrolled in any courses that require CC or Acrobat Pro, but I still want to use it. What's my best option?

A: You will be able to access Adobe Creative Cloud, Acrobat Pro and a variety of other software in computer labs across campus. For students interested in purchasing Adobe Creative Cloud for their own personal computer, Adobe offers a discounted price.

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