CoE DIY Classroom Recording Instructions

A guide to using the NCast DIY recorders in the CoE

Classrooms available for lecture DIY self capture in CoE:

Self-record Systems:

EH 1227
EH 2317
EH 2534
ME 1143
ME 1152
ME 1156
ME 1164
MSE 265

Who should I contact to when requesting a recording in a self recording room?

Please contact Engineering Media Services by emailing and provide the following information:

Instructor name & contact information

Course number and title

Days and times class would like to be recorded

Room location

Recordings in these rooms will need to be scheduled and added to the room system for them to work.  If they are not scheduled you won't be able to record.

Recording system instructions:

How should I prepare for my self-record lecture capture?

Take some time to get familiar with the room and the podium’s AMX touch panel.
(If the AMX touch panel is dark, you can wake it up by pressing anywhere on the screen)


NOTE: The recorder will be ready to record 5 minutes before the scheduled start of your class/session and will allow for 10 extra minutes of recording before the scheduled end of your class.

The AMX touch panel consists of 3 areas: Projector and Room Controls, Lecture Capture, and Camera Control.


Begin by selecting the Lecture Capture page first, this will wake up the Totevision confidence monitor and should display the lecture capture template which will include the class information, video capture window and projector capture window.


On the Projector and Room Controls page, select the projector source that you would like to be captured. Note: you can return to this page during your lecture capture if you want to switch between sources like the document camera, podium computer, or your own personal device connected via HDMI/VGA.


In the Camera Control page, aim the camera towards the podium using the camera position arrows and camera zoom buttons. You should see the camera feed in either the Camera Control page, the Totevision confidence monitor, or both.


Make sure the class presentation identification information is correct (found underneath the small video window).


On the shelf below the podium, you should be able to locate a wireless microphone on the charging dock.


Remove the microphone from the dock, and clip to belt or pocket.


Clip the microphone to your shirt. Ideal microphone clip placement should be centered on one’s chest, roughly 5-7 inches below the mouth.


Switch the microphone to the 'on' position; you should see a green light.


The microphone volume can be adjusted on the AMX touch panel Projector and Room Controls page using the “Microphone Volume” controls.


The lecture capture system will not begin until the microphone is turned on and has at least 3 bars of battery remaining.


How do I start my recording?

Go to the Lecture Capture page on the AMX touch panel and press ‘Start’.

How do I pause my recording?

Go to the Lecture Capture page on the AMX touch panel and press ‘Pause’.

How do I stop my recording?

When you have finished your lecture, go to the Lecture Capture page on the AMX touch panel and press ‘Stop’.
Please switch the microphone to the 'off' position, and return it to the charging dock.

Best Practices

-Keep room lights at full intensity
-Use the mouse or a stylus to direct attention when using a computer or document camera
-Repeat in-room questions (when applicable) for online students (because in most cases, there are no ambient room microphones)

If you experience any technical issues with the podium lecture capture or room control equipment, contact Engineering Media Services by calling (608) 890-3325 or emailing .

If you experience any technical issues with the podium computer, contact Computer-Aided Engineering by calling (608) 262-5349 or emailing .