WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Differences Between a Project and Production URL

This document will walk you through the differences between a Project URL and a Production URL, as well as touch on the WiscWeb life-cycle.

In Progress/Project URL

When requesting a new WiscWeb site, you'll be prompted to use the format sitename.wiscweb.wisc.edu (with the italics being the only editable section).

The text in italics is known as your Site Name. The entire URL (sitename.wiscweb.wisc.edu) is considered your Project URL

Your site will publish to a private project URL until you are ready for it to be public (aka "go live").

Project URL Considerations

Production URL

When you are ready for your site to be public, you will will out a request for it to "launch." 

WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Steps to Request a Website Launch (Reminder: Launches must be scheduled 2 weeks in advance of when you want to go live)

In the launch request form, you will be prompted to request a production domain/URL.This is where the site will live after it launches.

Once your site has officially launched, it will no longer publish to the project URL and instead will publish to your Production URL

Production URL Considerations

WiscWeb Life Cycle

Life Cycle

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