Honorlock - Using Honorlock as a Lockdown Browser

This document outlines how to use Honorlock as a lockdown browser.

Honorlock has a variety of options available to customize the test-taking experience as outlined in this Honorlock Knowledgebase document. Instructors can enable several combinations of these options, including only implementing Honorlock’s lockdown browser feature called Browser Guard. Follow the steps outlined below to implement Honorlock as a lockdown browser in your course.

Setting up Honorlock as a Lockdown Browser

  1. Enable Honorlock in your course as outlined in Honorlock - Enabling Honorlock in Canvas (Instructor).
  2. Build your assessment as a Canvas quiz or in your third-party assessment tool.
  3. Enable your exam in Honorlock.
  4. When selecting your proctoring settings for the lockdown browser, Honorlock recommends enabling the following options to maximize exam integrity:
    • Record Screen: Honorlock will record the student's screen and flag any suspicious behavior for instructor review.
    • Record Web Traffic: Honorlock will record any websites the student attempts to visit or successfully visits and flag any attempts to visit non-approved URLs.
    • Disable Copy/Paste: Prevents students from copying and pasting exam content
    • Disable Printing: Prevents students from printing or saving exam questions as a PDF
    • Single Display: Prevents students from having multiple monitors connected to their computer
    • Browser Guard: Closes all tabs except the exam, prevents student from accessing unapproved websites, prevents students from accessing other applications on their computer, prevents resizing the test page window to less than 90% of the screen.
    • Instructors can add approved websites that students can access during the exam using the Whitelist URLs option.
      Proctoring settings options in Honorlock for lock down browser

Lockdown Browser Considerations

When using Honorlock as a lockdown browser, please keep the following in mind.