WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Google Group List Options

WiscWeb uses a Google Group mailing list for service notifications. We encourage you to join this group to keep informed of important updates. Users can manage their own Google Group subscriptions following these steps.

Updating Mail Settings

To update your Google Group settings:

  1. Log in to Google Groups with your campus NetID and password
    • If you're already logged into Google with a personal account, you will need to switch to your wisc.edu account

  2. Once your Google Groups application opens, click on My Groups to see the groups that you are a member of

    Select My Groups icon

  3. Find the group that you want to update your mail settings for, and click on the drop down list for your messages

    Update mail options

  4. From that list, update your mail reception to the desired value. For example, if you do not want to receive emails from this Google Group, you would choose Don't send email updates.


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