LastPass - Is it Possible to Change from Master Password Login to NetID Login?

Existing users can switch to NetID Login for their LastPass Enterprise Vaults

Existing users that wish to change to NetID Login can submit a change request in WiscIT through this web form. For complete step-by-step instructions, please refer to the Converting to NetID Login presentation.

Please Note Converting to NetID Login will result in Duo MFA being disabled in LastPass. This is because Duo MFA is already linked to NetID Login. Also, your LastPass Enterprise email address must be your for NetID Login functionality. If necessary, the UW–Madison LastPass administrator will help you change your email address as part of the conversion process. Also, if you currently have your personal LastPass account linked to your LastPass Enterprise account, you will need to re-link it after the conversion. For instructions, refer to the KB article: How Do I Link/Unlink My LastPass Premium/LastPass Free Account?

Benefits of NetID Login

Limitations of Net ID Login