LastPass - Logging in Using NetID Login

NetID (Federated) Login eliminates the need to remember and use a Master Password to login to LastPass Enterprise

LastPass - Logging in Using NetID Login

New LastPass Enterprise users’ accounts will automatically have NetID Login (referred to as Federated Login by LastPass/LogMeIn) enabled for Vault access. Existing LastPass Enterprise users will have the opportunity to convert to NetID Login after the rollout. 

To login, click the LastPass browser extension icon, enter your email address, then click the Login button. Please Note: If you have just activated your LastPass Enterprise account, it may take up to 60 minutes for your account to sync to NetID login. Additionally, it recommended that you restart your browser session before attempting to login.

Logging in with NetID Login - Firefox

Once logged in you can begin storing usernames and passwords in your Vault. For more information on how to create strong passwords visit the LastPass password generator or check out our KB article: LastPass- How to create a strong and memorable password.

Benefits of NetID Login

Limitations of Net ID Login