Honorlock - Overview (UW-Madison)

This document provides an overview of how to get started using Honorlock in Canvas.

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About Honorlock

Honorlock is an automated proctoring solution that helps instructors foster academic integrity when providing remote assessments to students. Honorlock is designed for assessments built in the Canvas learning management system (LMS), particularly in Canvas Quizzes. It also works with 3rd party tools, such as Atomic Assessments and publisher Digital Learning Tools. Honorlock is available to all UW-Madison faculty, instructors and students in credit-based courses starting in July 2020.

Honorlock uses a webcam and microphone connected to the student’s computer along with a browser extension in Google Chrome that can track student activity during the exam and lock down the student’s browser. Honorlock flags certain behaviors that may be acts of academic misconduct, which the instructor can review after the student completes the exam. When setting up the exam for proctoring using Honorlock, instructors can enable settings such as the lockdown browser, allowing a calculator, requiring a 360-degree room scan, or whitelisting URLs that are acceptable for use during the exam.

Links for students

Honorlock is used to proctor exams in your course. For instructions on how to use Honorlock, please see Honorlock’s knowledge base documentation. In particular, these documents and videos will be useful to review prior to your exam.

Student Privacy and Data Use FAQs

For frequently asked questions about privacy and data use in Honorlock, see the Proctoring FAQ on the Student Learning Assessment website, or Student Privacy FAQ on Honorlock's website.

Getting Support

If you have questions about the tool or are having technical difficulty while using Honorlock, please contact Honorlock using the chat feature directly in Canvas or email support@honorlock.com. Instructors can also call their support line at 844-243-2500, or Honorlock’s chat feature directly in Canvas (once it's integrated in their course).
Instructors using Honorlock at UW-Madison are automatically subscribed to receive direct emails from Honorlock about planned and unplanned service disruptions. So in the event of an outage or service disruption, instructors will receive an email from Honorlock.
If you believe there is an outage occurring with Honorlock that prevents you from taking your exam, please check Honorlock's status page. If there is no outage posted, please reach out to Honorlock support for help.


For information regarding Honorlock accessibility and usability, to report an accessibility barrier, request accessibility assistance, or learn about disability-related accommodations see the following guides:

Getting Started

For training information and how to get started with Honorlock, see Honorlock - Getting Started.

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