UW-Madison Box - Manage Account Storage Usage

This document provides recommendations on how to manage your account's storage usage.


Manage Storage

    1. Check account storage usage

    2. Delete unwanted folders/files

    Before deleting folders/files, please keep the following in mind:

        • Review the University Record Retention Policy to ensure you comply with the university’s legal and compliance record keeping requirements.
        • Make sure there are no resources referencing or pointing to the folders/files you are going to delete (ex: shared links published on a website).
        • Links to deleted folders will break access and will no longer be accessible.

      Below are tips on how to decide which folders/files to delete:

      Important Note for Accounts with Full Storage Usage

      If your UW-Madison Box account's storage usage is full and you do not delete files/folders, you will not be able to create or upload new folders/files.

      You will continue to have access to shared folders/files.

      Known Issue

      If you notice your account’s storage usage or folder size is not changing after deleting folders/files you are probably encountering a known issue with Box storage reporting. Box is aware of a bug that is causing account storage usage or file counts to display the wrong size. No data is lost due to this bug.

      Request a Consultation

      If you need help or have questions about your UW-Madison Box account’s storage usage, you can request a consultation.