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Kaltura is UW-Madison's preferred media hosting and delivery platform.

Kaltura MediaSpace


Kaltura is UW-Madison's choice media hosting and delivery platform. It is often described as "YouTube for UW-Madison." Faculty, staff and students can upload media content to UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace. Media can then be linked to, embedded in a Canvas course, or website (UW-Madison).


The UW-Madison Canvas learning management system features integration with Kaltura MediaSpace. Media can be embedded wherever the Canvas rich content editor is available. This integration offers some functionality of Kaltura MediaSpace (record, upload, publish, search, and share) directly from within Canvas (UW-Madison).

Application and Limitations

Kaltura MediaSpace is used to engage and communicate with learners. It can be used to divide students into groups for projects, keeps students engaged, and minimizes the work of the instructor in grading/giving feedback.
There is no limit to how much one can upload but Kaltura MediaSpace is not meant to be a permanent storage repository so it is recommended that one keep a local copy of important files. Processing should take no more than 24 hours. As always, content must comply with campus policies.

Avoid These Pitfalls

To ensure that your source file is quickly processed, while offering the optimal video and audio quality, please follow these recommendations:

See Recommended video source formats and specifications for all recommended settings. 


Getting Started

Best Practices / FAQ