Online learning classes for cloud vendors

Online learning the three leading cloud providers. This is a collection of popular and effective resources, but UW licensing and policies means some elements of your UW account may differ from a commercial account. Contact the cloud team with any questions.

A Cloud Guru
Cloud agnostic training site, focused on learning specific services as well as certification exam preparation.
UW does not have a license for A Cloud Guru but it does have a free trial as well as a free tier for individuals.

EdX Classes - Open Source and free online MOOCs 


Amazon Web Services(AWS) classes and resources:
- Free online classes
- free more focused learning options

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) classes and resources:
- GCP labs to learn
- To help those who know AWS to use GCP
- To help those who know Azure to use GCP

Microsoft classes and resources for Azure:
- Azure learning portal
Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative 

Template Workshops for learning and practice:
   - These resources contain examples and workshops to learn and practice skills.


Framework to develop your cloud skills

For those looking for a framework to jump start their team's cloud skills consider using the Gartner "Jump-Start Your Cloud Skills With These Objective-Driven Assignments" article as a guide. 

Log into Gartner first via and then follow this link

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