Webex Events: Pro Tips Before Choosing Webex Events

Looking for a tool to host a large Webex session between 50-1000 attendees?

Webex Events is the tool that is recommend and here are some pro tips before choosing this type of session:

Helpful Tips Before Choosing to Schedule a Webex Event:

  • This is more of a 1 – many session where one person will typically present material, while the attendees just listen with mics muted
    • This is great for webinars, student lectures, employee communications
  • Only Host/Presenters/Panelists are allowed to share their video
  • Attendees are typically muted the entire session, whereas the Host can un-mute all participants or specific participants if need be.
  • It is best to set this meeting up by logging in to the web browser at https://uwmadison.webex.com rather than through Outlook applications as more features can be selected there.
  • Watch these videos here to learn more about how to use Webex Events

To Schedule a Webex Event
1. Go to https://uwmadison.webex.com
2. Login using your primary email and authenticate to UW Madison
3. Select Webex Event in the lower left hand corner
4. Follow the instructions found here

Webex Events location