Computer Warranty Information

How to find the best warranty for your computer.

Most computers are sold with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. This warranty covers hardware defects or failures within that time period but does not cover accidental damage such as drops or spills. Coverage and warranty length varies by manufacturer. If you're purchasing your computer, make sure to pay attention to what warranty you are getting with it.

If you already have a computer, you can check your warranty status at these links:
Dell warranty status:
Apple warranty status:

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

The main advantages of an extended warranty are an increase in warranty length and accidental damage protection. Most computer repairs occur within the first few years of ownership. While there is no guarantee that if you purchase an extended warranty you'll end up using it, a manufacturer's extended warranty may be worth it if you plan on owning the computer for a few years. If you end up having to use the warranty it can save a large amount in repair costs beyond the cost of the warranty.

What Extended Warranty Should I Purchase?

Most computer manufacturers offer their own extended warranty plans. If you purchase from a third party retailer such as the University Book Store, Best Buy, or Costco, you may have the option to purchase a third-party warranty from them which can generally be serviced at any local repair shop that is authorized to service your brand of laptop. Below are some examples.



Dell Extended Warranties and Accidental Damage Protection


Third party protection plans

Insurance Coverage