Top Documents of the Week

  1. Learn@UW - Use of Special Characters in Passwords
  2. Learn@UW - Special Characters in File and Folder Names
  3. Learn@UW - Using Regular Expressions and Case Sensitivity Issues for Quiz Questions
  4. Learn@UW - Content Topics as HTML Documents Created from Word Should be UTF-8 Encoded
  5. Learn@UW - Some Symbols in Equations May Not Display Correctly Using Chrome
  6. Learn@UW - Downloading Files from a Dropbox Folder
  7. Learn@UW - Equations Created with Equation Editor Don't Display within HTML Editor
  8. Learn@UW - Options for Downloading Content from a Course
  9. Learn@UW - Editing Existing Equations
  10. Learn@UW - Issue When Answering Multiple-Choice, True-False, or Multi-Select Quiz Questions
  11. Learn@UW - HTML Content Topics Display in Content Tool but Not in HTML Editor
  12. Learn@UW - In Grade Quiz, Selecting Choice from "Restrict to" Drop-Down Does Not Change Users Displayed
  13. Learn@UW - Using LTI and Valence for Third Party Tool Integrations with D2L
  14. Learn@UW - Quiz Time Limit Enforcement Issues
  15. Learn@UW - Exporting Quiz Scores to a CSV File Could Trigger an Internal Server Error
  16. Learn@UW - Drag and Drop Facility to Upload Files May Not Work with Internet Explorer; works with Microsoft Edge
  17. Learn@UW - In Survey Results, Selecting Choice from "Restrict to" Drop-Down Does Not Change Users Displayed
  18. Learn@UW - Equation Created by Equation Editor Cannot Be Edited
  19. Learn@UW - Paragraph Breaks Removed when Copying Text from Word Document into HTML Editor
  20. Learn@UW - Common Login Errors for Campuses Other than UW-Madison
  21. Learn@UW - Viewing Quiz Statistics for a Quiz Could Trigger an Internal Server Error
  22. Learn@UW - Dropping a Question from a Quiz
  23. Learn@UW - User's "From" Address is Incorrect in Email Messages Sent
  24. Learn@UW - Possible Problem with Option to Automatically Keep Calculated Final Grades Updated
  25. Learn@UW - Sending Correct Quiz Scores to Gradebook after Max Points for Grade Item has been Changed

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