Learn@UW/D2L - Sharing Custom Widgets to Multiple Course Offerings

This document is for Site Administrators only.

This document describes how you can share a custom widget to multiple course offerings.

You can share a custom widget to an origination unit: e.g., course offering, a department, a semester, or the entire organization. You can only select one such organization unit to share a custom widget, however, the selection has a cascading effect.

  • If you select the organization, the widget will be shared to all course offerings in the organization.
  • If you select a department, the widget will be shared to all course offerings in that department.
  • If you select a course offering, the widget will be shared to only that course offering.

Note that you cannot, for example, share a widget to two or three course offerings in the organization unless they are the only course offerings in the same department.

To share a custom widget to multiple course offerings:

  1. From the Home Org. page, select either Edit Course to bring up the "Course Administration" page.

  2. Select Widgets from the "Course Administration" page.

  3. Select the Custom Widgets tab (as opposed to the System Widgets tab).

  4. Select the 'Edit' icon that resembles a  pencil ( pencil ) icon by the custom widget you want to share.
  5. In the "Edit Widget" interface, press the Add an Org Unit button under "Share Widget".

    Edit Widget

  6. Click Show Search Options and then make sure only the box by "Name" is checked.

  7. In the "Search for" box, enter a search string for an organization unit. For example, if you are on UW-Colleges and want to share a widget to the entire organization, enter uwc .  Then press the 'Search' button that resembles a magnifying glass ( Search ).

  8. Select the organization unit to share the widget to from the list. (You can only select one.)

  9. Press the Insert button.

    Share Widget

  10. Back in the "Edit Widget" interface, remember to press Save or Save and Close.

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