Learn@UW/D2L - Grade Exported to Student Information System May Differ from the Grade Seen in Gradebook

If the grades for a course are exported to a Student Information System (SIS), there is a slight chance that a student's letter grade exported will differ from the letter grade seen in the Learn@UW gradebook.

This is due to rounding issues when a student's grade is very close to a cutoff point specified in the course's grade scheme. The final grade viewed in the gradebook is rounded depending upon the specified number of decimals used to display the percentage grade. The export process ignores this rounding and used the 'raw' (un-rounded) percentage.

For example, suppose a course's grade scheme has cutoff values of 78 for a C+ and 80 for a B-. If two decimal places are displayed in the instructor view and the student's adjusted final grade is 79.996, a final grade of B- will be displayed in the gradebook (rounded to 80.00) but a grade of C+ will be exported to a SIS (un-rounded).

This is a known issue.

You may wish to display more decimal places in the gradebook to force the grades viewed in the gradebook and exported to a SIS to match.

Number of decimal places to display

For other possible issues involving rounding of grades, refer to Learn@UW - Potential for Final Grade Rounding Errors in Gradebook

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