Learn@UW/D2L - Creating a Streaming Media File from an MP3 File

This document describes how to create a streaming media file from an MP3 file.

To create a streaming media file from an MP3 file, follow this procedure:

Step 1: Convert to QuickTime .mov file.

Since the QuickTime server cannot stream mp3 files, we need to convert the mp3 file to a QuickTime file format.
  1. Open the mp3 file in QuickTime Pro.
  2. Choose File -> Export.
  3. Choose Save and Hinted Mov.
  4. Name your file and click Save. The file is saved as a QuickTime File.

Step 2: Move File to Server.

  1. FTP to qtstreamer.doit.wisc.edu
  2. Log in.
  3. Move the .mov file to your streaming account.

Step 3: Make reference movie.

The Reference Movie is a very small file which holds the URL address of the .mov file residing on the streaming server. This reference movie file is used inside your Learn@UW course.
  1. Download the utility MakeRefMovie (available at http://developer.apple.com/quicktime/quicktimeintro/tools/).
  2. Open application.
  3. Save a blank .mov file.
  4. Choose Movie -> Add URL.
  5. Enter rtsp://qtstreamer.doit.wisc.edu/course_path/movie_name
    (example: rtsp://qtstreamer.doit.wisc.edu/lis354/week12.mov).
  6. Choose File -> Save.

Step 4: Move Reference Movie to Learn@UW.

  1. Log onto Learn@UW.
  2. Go to Content tool.
  3. Choose Add Topic.
  4. Choose Upload New File.
  5. Choose Parent Module.
  6. Enter Title and Short Title.
  7. Click Browse to upload file.
  8. Locate File and click Open.
  9. Determine location for uploaded file.
  10. Click Save.

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