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The Foreign Nationals Inbound File page displays all the foreign nationals processed by the Glacier demographics and tax interface processes for the most recent run of a specified Pay Run ID. The page displays all information from Glacier Files 3 and 14 that are used to update employee HRS records for accurate taxation. Use this page, or the accompanying PS Query UW_PY_FN_INBOUND_QRY, to view what information was used by the interface jobs to update the employee’s Job Data, visa, substantial presence, and tax settings.


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1. Navigate to: Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > UW Glacier Interfaces > Foreign Nationals Inbound File

2. On the Foreign Nationals Inbound File page, enter the Pay Run ID for which you wish to view employee information.

Foreign National Inbound File Pay Run ID Search

3. The relevant File 14 and File 3 information used by the Glacier demographics and tax interface jobs for the specified Pay Run ID will appear.  This page is best used if you are looking to verify how individual employees were treated by the interface processes on a certain payroll. 

4. Since this page will show all the employees evaluated by the interface on that Pay Run ID, you can search for individual employees by clicking the “Find” link at the top of the page.  A new window will pop up where you can type the information you’re searching by, such as Empl ID, First Name or Last Name.

Foreign Nationals Inbound File View/Edit Find

Enter Search String

5. Note that this page is very wide and only some of the columns are visible.  Use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page to horizontally scroll to the additional columns.

6. As mentioned above, the raw Glacier data from Files 3 and 14 goes through an update process as part of the interface.  Employee information that is shown on the Foreign Nationals Inbound File page may not exactly match what is shown in Glacier.  The most commonly changed values are Residency Status and Tax File Status.  This is done to most appropriately tax the individual based on the information he/she has provided in Glacier.  The most common updates the interface will make to Glacier data are based on the following criteria:

7. Since the data shown on the main Foreign Nationals Inbound File Page may not exactly match what is in Glacier, you can click on the “View Original” link on the employee’s row to see what values came from Glacier and if the interface process updated anything.

Foreign Nationals Inbound File View / Edit - View Original

New File / Original File

8. If the employee does not have a “View Original” link on his/her line, this means he/she was not on File 14 from Glacier.  The employee was added to the updated file by the interface process because he/she has an active job or relationship not listed in Glacier.  Employees can also be added during the 2nd run of the interface processes if they have an inactive job but an open payline in HRS for the Pay Run ID specified.  These scenarios are added to the file because these employees also need to be taxed appropriately.

Foreign Nationals Inbound File View / Edit - View Original

Viewing Foreign National Inbound File Data through PS Query:

1. The PS Query UW_PY_FN_INBOUND_QRY can also be run to view the adjusted file information used by the tax interface processes for a specified Pay Run ID.  This query returns the same values as seen on the main Foreign Nationals Inbound File page, but is advantageous to run when you want to view multiple employees by Dept ID.

2. Navigate to: Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer and enter the name of the query in the search field.

3. When you run the query either to Excel or HTML, you will be prompted to enter in some criteria.  These criteria are required:

Foreign National Inbound File Query


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