BN - Self Service - View/Update Dependent Information


This document provides employees with instructions on how to review and update certain dependent information. This is a function available to all University of Wisconsin System employees, and will be accessed via HRS self-service on My UW System Portal.


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  1. Login to My UW System Portal using campus login as described in UWSS Support - Logging into the / System Portal .
    NOTE: access is also available from within HRS: Self Service > Benefits > Dependent/Beneficiary Info

  2. Click Launch full app in the Benefit Information tile.

  3. Click Dependents tab.

  4. Click View/Update Dependent Details button.

  5. Click the dependent to be updated.

  6. Update/Add information for dependent.
    NOTE: to update name, address and phone number, see below

  7. Click Save.

Update Dependent's Name, Address or Phone Number

  1. Click the arrow in the field to be changed.

  2. Update/add information.

  3. Click Done.

  4. Update any additional information on the page and click Save.


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