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The Mass Funding Update process is available to each institution when the funding source for a large volume of employees needs to be changed. This document explains the steps necessary to request a Mass Funding Update for an employee’s Appointment-Level funding

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Step 1: Submit Request

If there are at least 100 employees who need their Appointment-Level funding updated, email your institutions Affinity Group requesting a Mass Funding Update; refer to UWSC Support - Get help from the UW Service Center Support Team  The Service Center will populate the Mass Funding Update Excel template based on the details included on the email request.

The email request must be received by the Service Center a minimum of three weeks prior to the targeted Pay Period begin date.

Step 2: Update Excel Template

Within one week of the request, the Service Center will populate the Mass Funding Update Excel template with the employee population based on details provided in the request email.

The Institution will then update the applicable information found under the yellow header on the Excel template. Generally, the EMPLID, EMPL REC, and Business Unit should not change from what was initially listed on the template. However, if the institution needs to update those fields, as well as add or remove employees listed, it is up to their discretion.

Things to note during the template update process:

Step 3: Return Updated Excel Template

The institution must return the updated Excel template to the Service Center two weeks prior to the targeted Pay Period(s) Final Calc and Confirm date.

Step 4: Process Mass Funding Update

The Service Center will process the Mass Funding Update within one week of receiving the updated Excel template.

Upon completion, the Service Center will email a report listing successful updates and updates not loaded due to error.

The institution have the opportunity to research and potentially manually enter the funding changes prior to the target Pay Period(s) Final Calc and Confirm date.

Below are a list of errors that could occur and prevent a successful update during the Mass Funding Update process:

Mass Update Error Chart


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