HR - Organizational Department Additions and Changes


This document provides guidance for institutions about requesting Organizational Department updates.

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Step 1: Complete Request Form

A. Organizational Department request forms are located on the UW Service Center Human Resources webpage, in the Organizational Department Changes tile.

B. Download and complete the top portion of the PDF request form.

C. Complete the rest of the PDF form if space allows; if the number of changes exceeds the space available, download and complete the Excel spreadsheet.

  • It is preferred that Org Dept information is entered electronically on each form.
  • The PDF form must include all three approval signatures.
  • The funding source provided for HRS Department Level Funding should be valid in SFS prior to submitting the Org Dept request.
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Step 2: Consider Organizational Department Mass Job Update

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Step 3: Consider Mass Funding Update

  • A new Appointment-level funding value needs to be added anytime an employee is hired, rehired, transferred, or their Organizational Department changes; see FN - Add or Change Appointment Level Funding for Employee's Salary Expense

  • The Service Center has the capability to mass load Appointment-level funding changes from an Excel template to employee records in HRS. If the Org Dept Request results in Org Dept changes for around 100 employees or more, a Funding Mass Update may be requested.

Step 4: Submit Email

To: Send to the appropriate Affinity Group; see UWSC Support - Get help from the UW Service Center Support Team. Subject: FY[YY] Organizational Department Request [Business Unit]

Body: In addition to noting the email attachment(s), be sure to note if you are also requesting Service Center assistance with updating employee Job Data, Position and/or Appointment-level funding records in HRS by use of a mass update process.
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Step 5: Reminders

A.  In addition to entering a new Appointment-level funding value, other updates may be needed when an employee's Organizational Department changes
  • An employee's Tenure Home may need to be updated, especially if a tenure granting Org Dept is inactivated; see HR - Tenure Tracking


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