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HR - Job List by Department Report (EPM)


This user procedure provides instruction on how to search for employees and/or persons of interest with active jobs for a given department using EPM.

  • Users will need the following role in order to run EPM query Job List by Department:



1. Navigate to the EPM System by either:
2. Navigate to: EPM Reports > HR Reports > Job List by Department

3. Enter or create a Run Control ID; see PD - Setting Up Run Control IDs

4. Enter Run Control criteria:
  • As of Date: enter any date (required)
  • Report Type: Count of Employees or Detail
  • Department: enter all or part of the 7 character department; if a partially entered Dept ID, add a percent character % as a wildcard (i.e. A31%).  You can also select the from a list of valid departments by clicking on the magnifying glass
  • Job Code: enter the Job Code (e.g. 00560) or click on the lookup icon to select from the list; or leave blank for all Job Codes
  • Years in Service AsOfDate: leave blank
  • Pay Basis: click the All check box or Select Values button to check the Pay Basis you want to include
  • Empl Class: click the All check box or Select Values button to check the Employee Classes you want to include
5. Once the parameters are entered, click the Run button
Report Parameters
6. On the Process Scheduler Request screen, leave Type and Format as "Web" and "PDF" respectively; click OK to run the report
Process Scheduler
7. Use the Process Monitor and View Log/Trace to monitor and view the report; see PD - Viewing the Process Monitor

8. Click on the PDF file under the File List header to view the report output

9. Report Type: Detail output will display a report similar to the image below
Detail output
10. Report Type: Count of Employees  will display similar to the image below
Employee Count output
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