BN - WED - Self Service Pending Report


This report will identify any newly hired or open enrollment employees who have accessed and/or made elections using Self Service but have not confirmed the elections. Benefit Administrators need to contact these employees to ensure benefit elections are submitted to HRS timely.


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To perform this procedure, please follow these steps:

1.  Click on the UW_BN_EBEN_PENDING query on the WED to open the report.

WED eBen Pending

2.  The list of employees who went into Self Service, but have not submitted their elections will appear.  If you have run the BN - Employee Process Status Report in the past, this would represent any Event currently in a status of "Notified."

WED eBen Pending Errors

3.  Click the Claimed By checkbox next to the employee you want to work with. Your name will appear with the date and time noted.

WED eBen Pending Claimed

4.  Contact the employee to remind them that they have a limited amount of time to enroll and they need to go back into Self Service and submit their elections.

5.  Check the Completed By box. Your name will appear in the Completed By section.  Once the Employee has successfully submitted their enrollments or missed their enrollment opportunity, the Employee will fall off the list the following business day.

WED eBen Pending Completed


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