UWSC Admin - Public Service Loan Forgiveness Verification Process


This KB will show how to request a Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Verification Form.

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1.  Current or former employees should download, complete, and fax/mail the verification request using a UW PSLF form as shown below.

Image of UWSS Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form Coverpage

2.  Print the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form from the Department of Education and complete the following sections:

Section 1 Borrower Information: 

Current or former employees requesting the verification must complete the first section of the request form with their current information:

Section 2:  Borrower Authorizations, Understandings, and Certifications: 

Form must be signed and dated by the requester.

VOE Page 1

Section 3 Employer Information: 

UW-Shared Services staff will complete Section 3 Employer Information on your behalf.  Please note it will take 2-3 business days to respond to your request.  Please note:  The UW Service Center will NOT retain copies of completed forms. 

3.  Fax or mail your completed UW PSLF Form and the PSLF Employment Certification form to UW-Shared Services.

https://kb.wisc.edu/images/group61/shared/9.2_Warning_Sign.png  Warning!  This form contains highly sensitive information such as your Social Security Number.  Do NOT email this information to UW-Shared Services.


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