UWSC Support - Request WiscIT / Cherwell Account Setup, Removal, Team Requests and Cherwell Software


The procedure details the steps for requesting access to Cherwell for users that work at or in liaison to the UW Service Center. This is only meant to be used for UWSA and UW Madison staff that will need access to Cherwell for the purpose of working HRS related WiscIT incidents. Information is also included for requesting to remove a user's access and for adding a Cherwell team. Information about acquiring the Cherwell software is also included in this article.

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New Cherwell User Request

1)  Send an email to servicecenter@uwsa.edu and provide the information listed below. The subject of your email should be "New Cherwell user." 


Preferred WiscIT Officer Name – 

UW Madison netID username – 

Business email address – 

Add User to following Cherwell Team(s) – 

If adding to multiple teams, which team should be the default team - 


Requesting to remove a Cherwell user account 

1)  Send an email to servicecenter@uwsa.edu including the information from the section below.  The subject of your email should be "Remove Cherwell User."


Name – 

Terminated user's netID – 


For New Cherwell Team Requests

1) If you happen to need a new team set up in Cherwell, send an email to servicecenter@uwsa.edu asking that a new team be set up and provide your reasoning for the new team request. 

For Requesting the Cherwell Software


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