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AM - Entering Banked Leave Conversion Through ESS - University Staff Employee Self Service


This procedure outlines steps for converting vacation to banked leave (formerly called Sabbatical) as an employee. Employees using Employee Self Services (ESS) are able to enter their banked leave conversion election through Employee Self Service similar to entering leave time taken. This banked leave conversion will be auto approved.

  • University Staff who meet the eligibility to bank leave according to policy, are able to convert vacation carryover or current year vacation.  The program will use vacation carryover first then move to current year vacation automatically.  These hours will be placed in the Banked Leave Account (formerly known as Sabbatical balance).
  • They do not expire and can be used at any time with approval. 
  • Only convert WHOLE hours.  
  • The policy link is provided at the end of the KB document. 


1. Log in to the My UW System portal at Note: UW-Madison employees can optionally log in to the My UW-Madison portal instead. For more information on logging into the My UW System portal, please see UWSC Support - Logging into the / System Portal .

2. Locate the Time and Absence module and click the Leave Reports tab to get your Eligibility report and review your options.   

Annual Leave Conversion Options form sample found in the portal under Leave Reports:  For Employee Self Service, you do not need to complete this form.  It is generated so you know your options.  You can print it for your own records.

Sabbatical Form

Non-Exempt Employees using the Hourly Integrated Timesheet

  • Employees with an integrated timesheet (as shown below) should refer to the "Banked Leave Conversion" section of TL - Punch Hourly Integrated Timesheet when converting leave balances to banked leave. 
  • The option to convert leave will only be available with an effective date between 12/1-12/31.
  • Please enter the take on an unscheduled work day such as a weekend. Cash Pay is paid on the check after it processes.  If the payment is desired in the current calendar year, watch the entry times so it processes with the last check of the year.

Exempt Employees

1. Once you are ready to elect conversion, you will  click the Enter Absence link.  This is the Request Absence page. Choose Convert Vac to Banked Lv .  This will not be available to choose until you enter a date between 12/1 and 12/31.  

*** Caution -- do not choose the Banked Leave.  That is the usage of banked leave.

Note: If you are employed at more than one job you will need to select the job you wish to convert your vacation from a list before you will be taken to the Request Absence page.  Banked leave conversion can be applied to one or more positions as long as there are vacation hours available to convert.

Note: Banked Leave conversion takes must be entered between the dates of 12/1 and 12/31. Please enter the take on an unscheduled work day such as a weekend. 

Note: Cash Pay is paid on the check after it processes.  If the payment is desired in the current calendar year, watch the entry times so it processes with the last check of the year. 

Request Absence Date

  • Start Date (required): The date you want the conversion to occur, you can enter the date by typing it in the format MM/DD/YYYY or by clicking the calendar icon Calendar Icon Replace and selecting the correct day. Choose a date between 12/1 and 12/31.  Be sure you have vacation to convert otherwise you will get an error message. This date is critical for cash pay because based on the day you select, the cash pay will happen on the next check processed after the entry is completed. 
  • End Date: This must be the same date as the start date. You will receive an error message if the dates are not the same. 
  • Filter by Type: Leave it set to All. 
  • Absence Name (required): Select Convert Vac to Banked Lv  -- Do not choose BANKED LEAVE which is first in the list.  This is for usage of the banked leave not conversion. 
2. After selecting the Absence Name, a convert field will appear for you to fill out. Input hours to convert and/or cash out.  You will receive an error message if you have entered something incorrectly or the hours are not entered in whole hours. HRS will verify eligibility and availability before converting.

Convert Payout Submit

3.  Click Submit. You will receive this message following the submission if there are no errors. If you receive an error message that you believe is incorrect see your payroll coordinator as the conversion is auto approved.
Request submitted

4. Click OK.  You will now see the Request Details page which lists the details of the request and its status. Conversion is auto approved.
Autto approved

Note: Because the conversion is auto approved, your payroll coordinator is not directly involved. If there is an error with the conversion to Banked Leave contact your payroll coordinator. They will need to make the necessary changes because it cannot be pushed back.
For reference, when you request to look at the absence history, notice the hours box is 8 hours.  This is normal functionality.    Click into the take Absence Name for additional details. 
Convert hours
The Request Details screen will verify the number of hours entered into convert and payout.    The reason the hours will not display on the Absence Request History screen is because there are two values available here and only 1 value on the that screen.  
Hours confirmation


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