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Employees using Employee Self Service (ESS) are able to enter their ALRA conversion election through Employee Self Service similar to entering leave time taken. Payroll coordinators can view the conversion entry in Absence Event or UWS Absence Event. Payroll coordinators can enter ALRA conversions for employee's not using ESS. The Absence Event Report can be run to verify processed ALRA conversion entry.


Twelve-month faculty, academic staff, and/or limited employees with a 12-month appointment are eligible to bank into an Annual Leave Reserve Account (ALRA) after they have completed 10 or more fiscal years of continuous employment.  Banking of leave comes from the vacation balance or the vacation carryover balance on June 30th.  Beginning with the 11th fiscal year, an employee is “eligible” to bank up to 40 hours of vacation or vacation carryover. The option to bank vacation is offered immediately following the fiscal year in which an employee is eligible.  Beginning with the 25th fiscal year, an employee is “eligible” to bank up to 80 hours of vacation or vacation carryover.  The option to bank vacation is offered immediately following the fiscal year in which an employee is eligible.


Note: Policy allows for a full allocation but may be prorated by HRS. Please contact your Affinity Group if someone needs their eligible hours increased manually due to this situation.

  • If an employee has any leave without pay in the year, this will negatively impact their banked leave eligibility.
  • You can verify if the employee has unpaid time by reviewing their paid hours in UW Paid Hours Inquiry.
    • Global Payroll & Absence Management > Absence and Payroll Processing > UW Paid Hours Inquiry
Note: A fully paid 100% FTE employee will have 174 paid hours each pay period. Anything less will reduce their banked leave eligibility.

  • Check their PREV ALRA Counter on the ALRA eligibility spreadsheet or in the 7M Results By Calendar of the current ALRA processing year
    • Global Payroll & Absence Management > Absence and Payroll Processing > Review Absence/Payroll Info > Results By Calendar > Accumulators
    • It has to be 120 or more to be eligible for 40 hours and 300 or more to be eligible for 80 hours of ALRA
Results by Calendar

  • The amount of Banked Leave that the person is eligible to bank is not prorated between the records
    • For example: A banked leave eligible employee has Empl Record 0 and Empl Record 1. The column 'Max Avail Elig for Employee' will show 40 hours for each record. In this case the employee is eligible to bank a total of 40 hours; the hours can be distributed between the two records as the employee elects.

  • As stated earlier, the Banked Leave eligibility and election information is included on the employees' July Leave Report. These will be posted to the My UW Portal in early July. The following message will appear on the July Leave Report:
Leave Report

  • For employees that normally use Employee Self Service (ESS), these employees are able to enter their Banked Leave conversion through ESS similar to entering leave. When the conversion is submitted it will auto-approve and process as long as they qualify and have the hours available to convert. The employee will have access to enter the conversion in ESS from July 1st through October 31st. Any date within this range can be used for the conversion, but it is recommended using July 1st since any vacation usage will process first and could impact the hours available to convert.
  • Employees not using ESS should submit their elections and their July leave to payroll coordinators by their August due date in order for coordinators to have time for entry by the August payroll confirm so the information shows on the September 1st checks.
  • Payroll coordinators are allowed to enter or adjust a Banked Leave conversion through November 30th, according to policy. However, to avoid retro processing, please try to enter as soon as possible. Just as with Banked Leave conversion entered through ESS, any date will work but it is recommended using a date early in July since vacation usage will process first and could impact the hours available.
NOTE: Screenshots are from a specific moment in time, so the dates in the screenshot do not necessarily reflect the dates that should be entered.

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Entering ALRA conversion for an employee not using ESS, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to: Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > UWS Absences

  2. Search your employee(s) either by Empl ID or Group ID.

  3. Select the check-box next to the employee's name and click Request Absence.

  4. ARG Request Absence

  5. If necessary add a row. Enter the Event From Date. You may use a weekend date in the current month to avoid days where the employees may have true absences to record. The Event To Date will default to the same date.   Do not enter a date range. 

    •  Note: The convert to ALRA absence, take MUST be dated between 7/1-10/31.

  6. Select the Absence Take: Convert Vac to ALRA 

  7. Enter the number of vacation hours the employee would like to place in ALRA in the Conversion Hours box.

  8. Click OK.
ARG Absence Take

HRS will process the Conversion of vacation to ALRA in that night's monthly absence calculation. The system will first take hours from Vacation Carryover Lost as of the fiscal year that just ended (if available), then current year Vacation Carryover (if available) and convert the total amount elected to the ALRA balance.

In order to view employee ALRA conversions please use the following steps:

  1. Locate Absence Event through Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt > Payee Data > Maintain Absences > Absence Event 

  2. Enter employee ID 

  3. In Absence Event Entry click the details link for the Conversion Vac to ALRA (UNC)


      4.  In details link, Decimal 1: hours requested to be converted to ALRA

Decimal 1

      5. To see what has actually processed go to Results by Calendar and Absence Data:
          Global Payroll & Absence Mgmt
 > Absence and Payroll > Review Absence/Payroll Info > Results by Calendar > Absence Data

Results by Calendar

6. In the Absence Data tab: 
Abesnce Data

NOTE: If there are changes that need to be made or if there are errors with the conversion to ALRA, the payroll coordinator will need to make the necessary changes. Because the conversion is auto approved it cannot be pushed back to the employee. The ALRA Eligibility/Election Report can also be created as needed to review which employees have a conversion entered and processed. See KB AM - ALRA Eligibility/Election Summary Report for instructions on how to run the report. It is recommended that you run the report to validate eligibility vs. elected. Please note it is best to NOT run this report during a biweekly payroll processing week. An employee that has concurrent University Staff and FAASLI positions will NOT appear on this report if it is generated on a bi-weekly pay period. To capture all eligible monthly employees, create the report on a non-payroll week or during the monthly payroll processing week.


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