PY - General Deduction Code Job Aid


General Deduction Codes are specific values used in HRS to set up regular automatic payments from an employee's payroll check. General deductions can be set up for charitable contributions, parking, garnishments (Service Center only), and other miscellaneous periodic payments. With very few exceptions, general deductions are not used to set up insurance/benefit deductions (a full list of benefit deduction codes can be found in KB 48687). This job aid will provide you with a list of all available payroll general deduction codes.

Payroll Administrators setting up one-time deductions, ongoing deductions, and those processing or requesting Missed Payroll Requests will need to designate the appropriate deduction code for each expense taken in the HRS payroll. 

The Deduction Code list is divided into two tabs: Tab 1 is a list by category and Tab 2 is an alphabetical list by code.

Active General Deduction Codes


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